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How to hold real-estate assets for Russian private clients in Switzerland?
FinSA authorization application and registration of advisors according to FINMA
Trust: aspetti fiscali internazionali, svizzeri e italiani
Diploma Compliance Officer - The offer of collective investments
Diritto del lavoro e salari minimi in Svizzera
Mäzenatentum im 21. Jahrhundert: Zukunftsvisionen für das Zürich der Künste
Thinker, Teacher, Traveler: Reimagining International Tax
FINMA authorization of asset managers: lessons from the first applications
Best execution - how to implement the new FinSA regulations?
And finally… back together for our annual firm outing!
P'tit Déjeuner de la Médiation - "What are the solutions to promote the use of mediation in civil disputes?"
Il trust in Svizzera: stato dell’arte e prospettive
Recht im Kulturbetrieb - Lecture at the University of Zurich
Scope of FinSA and registration of client advisers
Trust: chiarimenti dell’Agenzia delle Entrate (circolare in consultazione pubblica)
Rent owed in full even during Corona lockdown
Good things come in threes!
FinSA/FinIA, advice, management, services, distribution (B2B/B2C), first FINMA authorization for asset managers and registration of advisors
Practical tips for drafting arbitration agreements - ECAA event
P'tit Déjeuner de la Médiation - "UDPM - Universal Disclosure Protocol for Mediation"
Проблемы возврата швейцарского налога у источника в международных делах - Problems of Refunding of Swiss Withholding Tax in International Cases
Digitization and the advent of smart contracts from a debt capital markets perspective
Donazioni tra Italia e Svizzera
Wann liegt ein Interessenkonflikt vor?
Purchase of real estate in Italy by Swiss nationals
Birgit Sambeth Glasner elected Chairwoman of the Swiss Bar Association for the next two years
P'tit Déjeuner de la Médiation - "Mediation is everything in my life"
Conference: Asset Management Update - FINMA authorization process: FinIA Organizational conditions and risky business models examples
UPDATE on transfer of assets to the next generation - duty to support relatives in old age
Considerazioni in tema di acquisti immobiliari in Italia da parte di persone residenti in Svizzera
Private Nutzung von Geschäftsfahrzeugen – Änderungen der Berufskostenverordnung
New minimum wage in Geneva: challenges for employers
"Three-Thirds Model" - The City of Zurich supports Zurich's Commercial Sector through Rent Contributions
Altenburger: Sempre più internazionali
Favorit - The Guide for Russian-speaking people in Switzerland
Switzerland and Italy sign new agreement on the taxation of frontier workers
The Looming End of LIBOR – Fallback Protocols and Transition to Alternative Reference Rates
Die Kraft der Philanthropie
When Compliance Programs Fail: Best Practices for Investigating and Managing Potential Wrongdoing Share
Fraudulent transfer orders: the limits of abnormality
Il recupero di crediti in Svizzera 2a parte
FINMA authorization for portfolio managers and trustees: how to prepare the authorization request?
GSCGI: authorisation process for asset managers (date: 18 September 2020)
The Power of Female Philanthropy: From Music to the Arts (date: 10 September 2020)
New rules for equal pay analysis as of 1 July 2020
La médiation successorale - mediation in the inheritance context
La protezione di un marchio svizzero all'estero
P’tit Déjeuner de la Médiation – Avant-projet de loi sur la médiation à Genève
Autorisation FINMA des gestionnaires de fortune et des trustees: guide pratique
Conference: Manage the client investor in crypto-actives: regulatory and operational issues
Webinar: "Russia and Switzerland in an era of transparency"
P’tit Déjeuner de la Médiation - Mediation in a time of Covid 19: what’s changed, what can we do about it?
Altenburger partner of corona-legal.ch
Gli accordi verticali in materia di concorrenza
Legge sul Tribunale federale svizzero - 1a parte
Bilanz/Le Temps – Altenburger amongst the best law firms
Requisiti di presenza a livello degli organi societari
Portfolio Managers and Trustees – FINMA Authorization – What needs to be done?
Avoiding Bankruptcies as a Result of COVID-19: New Provisions on Bankruptcy Filings and Debt Moratoria
Italy introduces a tax credit in case of assignment of impaired loans
Agevolazioni per successioni aziendali
COVID-19: extension of deadlines in tax matters in Canton Ticino
Uncharted Territories in Tenancy Law
New Associate: Marius Stucki
Transfer of assets to the next generation
First Aid Kit for Companies
Gli elementi chiave di un NDA – una linea guida per orientarsi nella giungla degli accordi di segretezza
Summary of State Measures to Reduce the Economic Consequences of the Coronavirus
L'acculumazione di giorni di vacanza
La protezione dei nomi di dominio
Partial action: A strategy too often overlooked
China’s New Foreign Investment Law – With A Special Note On Swiss-Chinese Investment
FinSA, FinIA, FinSO, FinIO: IAMs and trustees finally authorized by FINMA
Le nouveau règlement suisse de médiation SCAI RDAI/International Business Law Journal
Justitia 4.0: La magistratura svizzera si digitalizza.
Scambio di informazioni fiscali: recenti sviluppi
Bearer shares banned: what to do
La registrazione scritta delle decisioni del CDA
Il Trasferimento di un ramo d'azienda
New Associate: Aldiana Perezic
New Associate: Guillaume Jeangros
L'abolizione delle azioni al portatore
Groundbreaking Swiss Supreme Court Decision on Tax Administrative Assistance—The End of ‘Foreseeable Relevance’?
Italian tax authorities request information from Switzerland on UBS bank customers
L'attuazione di piani di partecipazione dei collaboratori
Whistleblowing in the Private Sector. What should employers and employees do after the most recent rejection of the draft bill?
New Partner: Aline Wey Speirs
Ловушка в наследственном праве в международных делах Швейцария – Россия
Налоговая прозрачность и ее значимость для бизнеса / Tax transparency: What is it and what does it mean for business?
Gli effetti del "discarico" per gli amministratori
La lotta contro il riciclaggio
Il recupero di crediti in Svizzera 3a parte
Opposing the German Exit Tax: Martin Wächtler vs. Finanzamt Konstanz, ECJ, C-581/17, decided on February 26, 2019
Transfer of lease agreement upon change of ownership even before lease commencement (art. 261 CO)
LSFin, LEFin, OSFin, OEFin, OSS : les GFE et les Trustees enfin autorisés FINMA
European inheritance law, a path full of pitfalls
Looking ahead: Altenburger Russian/CIS Desk 2019 outlook
Il recupero di crediti in Svizzera 1a parte
New Italian tax regime for retired people abroad
Birgit Sambeth Glasner admitted as Mediator by the International Court of Arbitration for Sports

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